Scrabble +  WordsWithFriends dictionary based on the SOWPODS & ENABLE Wordlist. Professional and recreational players would find this useful in improving their skills and knowledge of words. It has a powerful and flexible search and analysis engine, for generating words based on variable criteria.

Some of the things you can do with the dictionary include: • Verify words • Search for all the possible words based on selected letters •  Find words BEGINNING with, ENDING with and CONTAINING a given set of letters • Search for all possible words with one or more missing letters • Search for alternative words or subsets of words • View Scrabble values of words • Sort by Scrabble word value or in alphabetical order • Filter by word value or word size • Print out word list • Use wildcards.

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Best of all Scrabble +  WordsWithFriends Dictionary  is free software and can be distributed freely.

It can also be used by parents to solve word puzzles and school assignments (finding missing letters in words etc) for their kids.

Scrabble + WordsWithFriends Dictionary is free and can be redistributed as is.

 Download Scrabble+WordsWithFriends Dictionary


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