Shop Attendant – Lite is a multi-user, single store, point of sales (POS) system designed to support the retail business processes of the small or medium store owner.

It allows the retail store owner to receive and enter stock items off-site on his laptop and seamlessly synchronise with the store system once connected to the store network.

Shop Attendant – Lite monitors and tracks inventory accurately, facilitates sales and returns efficiently and has a robust financial module for capturing expenses and incomes, making it possible to generate ad-hoc balance sheets of the business for any time period.

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With Shop Attendant-Lite it is possible for the store owner to stock and sell third party owned goods and still maintain proper records.

Access control to the various functions within the system is very flexible, making it possible to assign different access levels to users. Shop-Attendant-Lite comes preinstalled with lots of reports for making informed and good business decisions.

Shop Attendant-Lite uses the robust and highly reliable Microsoft SQL Server as its data repository.

IMPORTANT: Read installation steps first

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Download Microsoft SQL Server Express



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